P2 Actries and Karaheads

Actrie      and      Karahead


Actrie is the black text in the picture (middle) written in Sam’s written system. And as if by magic, when words transform into actries they behave and perform like human actors and performers. Actries are also made up of semi-cursive script, whereby the text is written in a syllabic manner.


Karaheads are the visual representation of the characteristics and emotions of the actrie, they are represented in colour.

In the examples below, all the actrys are written in French.

Are the karaheads below French too?

An actrie can have more than one karaheads.

Boire - To Drink        Boire – To Drink.

The actrie for Boire.

Chasser – To Hunt        Chasser – To Hunt

The actrie for Chasser.

Cou -- Neck        Cou — Neck

The actrie for Cou          .

Cracher – To Split        Cracher – To Split.

Cracher – To Split
Cracher – To Split

Actrie for Cracher.

Craindre -- To Fear

Craindre –To Fear

The actrie for Craindre.    Craindre - To Fear

Craindre – To FearThe karahead without the actrie.Craindre -- To Fear

Dent -- Tooth        Dent — Tooth

The actrie for Dent.            Dent -- Tooth

Herbe -- Grass        Herbe — Grass

The actrie for Herbe .       Herbe -- Grass

Oeuf -- Egg        Oeuf — Egg

The actrie for Oeuf.          Oeuf -- Egg

Oreille -- Ear        Oreille — Ear.

The actrie for Oreille.     Oreille -- Ear

Pied -- Foot         Pied — Foot.

The actrie for Pied         .Pied -- Foot

Rire – To Laugh        Rire – To Laugh.

The actrie for Rire.          Rire – To Laugh

Vivre – To Live        Vivre – To Live

The actrie for Vivre.      Vivre – To-Live.

Vivre – To-Live. 

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