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Just as I thought,…


In C major.


Just as I thought,

Listen to the drop of the dominant chord.

It’s a full house.


 Eugène Cuniot “Cuniot-Hury” (1861-1910) was a French fine bow maker and a teacher. He was a prolific maker with skills from his father and later on setup a large firm.

Martin Swan Violins


Reflections from the Mediterranean.


Waiting for a weather change…


In C Major.


Waiting for a weather change

For sure will come

On the beat of the thunder drum.


John Friedrich (1858-1943) was a violin/viola/cello/bow maker born in Cassel, Germany moved to N.Y. in 1883. Talent violin player and considered a perfectionist.

Bridges & Bows.


Reflections from the Mediterranean.


Splitting sound…




Splitting sound.

With a sword or a high crown.

No change, no sound.

Time sounds sailed.


Charles Adolphe Gran (1812-1866) was a luthier in the grand French tradition. He is regarded very highly and was made Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, in 1862.

Ifshin Violins.


Impressions from the Mediterranean


Half of the day.




Half of the day,





Charles Louis Buthod (1810-1889) was a French who specialized in bow-making production. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he setup to produce violins, cellos and bows that were sold internationally.

Tim Wright


Reflections from the Mediterranean.


The first drops of rain…


In E major.


The first drops of rain

enough to think again

river banks break away.


Ludwig Christian August Bausch (1805-1871) was a German Bow/violin maker. The high quality of his bow brings the tile of the “German Tourte”. Another link is with Nicolaus Kittel, the bow maker.

Bridgewood & Neitzert.


Portal musicpainting compositions. Acrylic Paint on Infusberry Paper, 240 x 333mm.


The days are marching in

booths and all moving tall

rain, hail or shine, they keep coming strong.


Reflections from the Mediterranean..